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Message Flow Monitoring Trouble Shooting

First make sure you fulfill all technical prerequisites and followed the setup guide for your Solution Manager release.



Global Settings 

Error While Adding Integration Visibilty system in Global Setting Step


Logical Port missing for the Integration Visibility system


Check the Managed System setup step completion status.

Make sure the data entered in the step 5, step 7 and step 8 are correct.

In System Parameters step:

  1. Make sure the marked entries are correct.
  2. Make sure the load balancer host/port has the managed system data is maintained correctly.
  3.  Make sure the ABAP and Java User has correct authorization and is not locked.

In Landscape Parameters step:

Make sure the users are properly created with correct authorization. If you are manually maintaining the user, make sure the authorizations are correctly assigned.

Note: SM_COLL_<XXX> user is saved in the logical ports. If there is any issue with the user, then Message Flow Monitoring setup will fail.

In Configure Automatically step:

Make sure all the steps are successful. Please check the logs for logical port creation step.

If the logs are green and states that the logical ports are created, then check if logical ports exist in SOAMANAGER.

This step should have a green rating and a protocol, that mentions all Logical ports created.  If there is a error correct.

Check the logical port existence in SOAMANAGER:

Step 1: Run transaction SOAMANAGER.

Step 2: Click on Web Service Configuration.

Step 3: Select Consumer Proxy.

Check if the logical port is created for the consumer proxy in the error(eg:CO_E2EEMX_SUBSCRIPTION_IN).

If the port is still not created, contact Tech Support through the component (SV-SMG-MON-IPO-MF).

If the proxy exists, then ping the logical port and raise a ticket (SV-SMG-MON-IPO-MF) with a snapshot.

IV System not showing up in the "Add" Pop-up in Step 3


PI system release is not compatible.

Release information of Integration Visibility system in LMDB is not correct.


The PI system release must be 7.31 Sp07 or above.  If no, the system will not be displayed in the add pop-up.

If yes, then check the release information of the IVY system in LMDB by following the steps below:

Execute the transaction, LMDB.

Click Display and check the software component version (Release and SP).

The following release information must be available:


If the release information is correct, then raise a ticket in the SV-SMG-MON-IPO-MF component.

If the release information is wrong, perform LMDB sync again.

Flow Maintenance 

Flows missing in the flow maintenance step


Solution Manager system status is red.

PI IVY system setup is incomplete.


Check the status and time stamp of the Solution Manager Refresh

If the status is Green, then check the status of the PI IVY setup in NWA, using the following link: http://<host>:<port>/nwa

If the setup is incomplete, you need to complete the PI system setup.

If the setup is complete, and flows are visible, then raise a ticket in the SV-SMG-MON-IC component.

If the status is Red, then click on the red status icon to open SM37 transaction for the job.

Click on execute to view all the jobs for the job run.

Select the log for the time stamp noted and click Job Log

Attach the job log to the ticket raised to SAP.

In case you are not able to view the job logs, check if the job is scheduled in step 4. If the jobs are not scheduled, re-execute the step.

If the jobs are scheduled, then raise a ticket in the SV-SMG-MON-IPO-MF component.

Flow Group Maintenance 

Not able to unsubscribe a flow


Current flow group that you want to unsubscribe is part of another subscribed flow group


Check the logs. Expand the log. Click on Show Details link.

Option 1: Unsubscribe all the flow groups which have that particular flow.

To unsubscribe the flow, select the flow groups which the flow is part of and click “Unsubscribe”.  Use CTRL key for multiple selection.

Option 2: Remove that particular flow from all the flow groups which it is part of, and then unsubscribe the flow group.


Flow Instances missing for a Flow


Flow Instances are missing for a flow.


Do the following checks:

  1. Note down the flow attributes of the flow for which instances are missing (see how to find them here: MFMon_Checks#CheckAttributesofaFlowneededfortroubleshooting)
  2. Check if the subscription was successful (MFMon_Checks#CheckiftheSubscriptionfortheFlowwassuccessful)
  3. Check if the data collection is running and successful for the flow and for the technical systems of the participants of the flow (MFMon_Checks#CheckiftheDataCollectionhasIssues)
  4. If the data collection doesn't have issues, check if the events for the PI message is available in SAP solution manager. Note down the message id in PI and search for it in SAP Solution Manager. (MFMon_Checks#CheckiftheEventforaMessageIDisavailableinSAPSolutionManager)
  5. Check if the event is correlated to the correct flow. (MFMon_Checks#CheckMessageFlowStore)

In case the above checks do not indicate any issue and the problem is still not fixed please open a ticket under SV-SMG-MON-IPO-MF and attach all performed checks and results.

Flow Instance is In Progress.

A Flow is In progress in Monitoring UI  if  the last expected event has not arrived but status of last arrived event is green (successful). The checks will be explained with an example in the below screen shot.

Check 1: Check for which steps events are expected?

Go to SOLMAN_SETUP –> Technical Monitoring –> Integration Monitoring –> Message Flow Monitoring --> Flow Maintenance

Check the Flow Details.

Events are expected from steps which has runtime component ID. In this case from step 2 and step 3.

Check 2: Which Step does not have event?

Event from the step 3 is missing in the example.

Check 3: What is the technical system from which we expect event?

Get the participant ID of the Participant from which we don’t get data

Go to transaction SE16 in SAP Solution Manager --> Check the table E2EEM_PRTCPNT for the Participant ID. Here we can find the Technical system and Client in case of ABAP system.

Check 4: Check if the extractor for the system and client is running.

Check if the data collection for the system has any issues. (MFMon_Checks#CheckiftheDataCollectionhasIssues)

In case there is no error in the extractor, please open the connection to the PI system and raise a ticket on component BC-BMT-IV. Please attach the screenshots of all checks done.

UI Issues Flow Group name disappears on Mouse-over

In Message Flow Monitoring UI, while doing a mouse over on a flow group name in the overview tab, the flow group name disappears.


Please update your SAP UI5 version to 1.18.10

Integration Visibility Troubleshooting Guide

In case you are having problem with the IV in PI itself, please refer to the IV troubleshooting guide.




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