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Welcome to the Documentation and Help Area of Message Flow Monitoring

The Solution Manager 7.1 is rapidly approaching its final scope of functions. In the area "Technical Monitoring and Application Operations" the topic Message Flow Monitoring reaches a wide range of customers for the first time with SP10.
Message flow adds value to the already established Process Integration Monitoring. While PI Monitoring focuses on the technical monitoring of involved PI components the Message Flow Monitoring provides a way to investigate and trace dedicated flows through the PI landscape on the level of single message instances. Besides company internal message flows also flows between business partners can be monitored on a high resolution level, using technical and functional acknowledgements.
Message Flow monitoring is aimed in particular at the "business power users". Although he requires the PI domain as a transport medium for his application, his endeavor is must not lose sight of what is essential in the inevitable complexity of PI: My order arrived!


This page is part of the Application Operations Wiki. Notice that Application Operations itself is a use-case of SAP Solution Manager




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