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After applying ST-PI SP in the managed system the ABAP metrics cannot be read anymore and are grey in the investigator.

In the SMDAgentApplication logs you can find the following entries after SMD Agent restart:

Warning$SchedulerGroup - processResponseTimes(...): Error for ActionItem ...(will be disabled): No Authorization

Due to security initiative authorization check has been added in ST-PI.
The required authorization is delivered with ST-PI 2008_1 SP06 in role SAP_IS_MONITOR.
For managing system SAP Solution Manager 7.1 repeat in managed system setup step 7 and update the authorization of user SMDAGENT_<solman_sid> by creating the customer role from role SAP_IS_MONITOR.
For managing system SAP Solution Manager 7.01 copy the role SAP_IS_MONITOR to customer namespace, generate the profile and assigne the role to user SMDAGENT_<solman_sid>.

In case you have created your own role for user SMDAGENT_<solman_sid> you can enhance it with authorization object /SDF/E2E and distribute it to your systems.

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