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Technical Prerequisites

Software Requirements
  • Central PI Monitoring as of SAP NW PI Release 7.11, SP06  
  • Further enhancements in Component and Channel Monitors with SAP NW PI 7.30
    - Self test information for SAP NW PI Components
    - Short log information for SAP NW PI Channels
    - Channel Ping functionality
    - Status Details were introduced for Message Status
  • Central User-Defined Message Search is supported as of SAP NW PI Release 7.31
  • Component-Based Message Alerting is supported as of SAP NW PI Release 7.31(SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP05)
  • Communication Channels can be excluded from Alerting (SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP05)
  • PI Component “Business Process Management” is included in PI Domain Overview (SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP06)

Related SAP KBA: 2205955 - PI release required to use PI Monitoring with Solution Manager 7.1


Landscape Synchronization

To be able to set up PI Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager you have to synchronize the PI domain information into the LMDB of SAP Solution Manager. Information about how to synchronize domain information can be found in the following KBA:

Related SAP KBA: 2206072 - PI Domain data synchronization into LMDB of Solution Manager 


Required Authorizations and Settings in the managed PI System

To be able to monitor the PI system and to use the integrated PI monitoring and administration tools in the managed PI system, certain authorizations are required, Find a list of required authorizations here







Central PI Monitoring Home Page



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