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End to End Trace Analysis

End-to-End Trace is a tool for isolating a single user interaction through a complete landscape and providing trace information on each of the involved components for one interaction only,starting with the user interaction in the browser and ending with data being committed to the database. Identifying long running user requests within a complex system landscape is the most common use case of E2E Trace Analysis, but you can also identify which functional errors have occurred during the execution of one request. These exceptions (like a dump) are then attached to the trace. So the trace can also be used to do functional testing and ensuring that an activity executed in one system does not lead to functional errors in connected systems during the request execution.


  • Analyse issues from user client the whole way through the SAP landscape to disk of data base
  • Limit tracking to specific transactions to avoid negative effects on productiv systems



  • Fast analysis of issues leads to faster resolution and therefore lower costs

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