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This page is outdated and it's content has been moved into the new structure under SAP HANA Managed System Setup in SAP Solution Manager.

This page will not be updated with findings or corrections.

This wiki page describes the setup of a Multitenant Database Containers (MDC) HANA database in SAP Solution Manager. A lot setup steps are analog to the setup of Single-DB HANA databases. For the parts that are the same we will just refer to the respective section in the managed system setup wiki for Single-DB HANA.



Before settings up System Monitoring for SAP HANA, please make sure the necessary notes are implemented in SAP Solution Manager and the managed systems (ABAP and SAP HANA). You find all required notes here.

Additional to the notes mentioned in the prerequisites section, please make sure you implement SAP Note 2201540 - Enable SAP HANA multitenant database containers in Landscape API for Diagnostics.

Setup Steps of HANA DB and HANA Host

Install Diagnostics Agent and SAP Host Agent on HANA hosts

The agents installation is performed exactly the same way as for Single-DB HANA system. Please refer to the respective section in the wiki for more information.

Setup Monitoring User in HANA

You need to create a monitoring user in the SYSTEMDB as well as in every tenant of your MDC. The users need the MONITORING role as well as the execution authorizations for the _SYS_STATISTICS schema as described in SAP note 1917938.

Please make also sure that you disable the password lifetime for the users to prevent it from getting locked because the password expires. This can be done using this SQL command. See also SAP note 1702224 for details.

Setup HDB User Store for SAP Host Agent

This step is not necessary for MDC yet, as we currently do not consume the information provided by the SAP Hostagent in the monitoring for MDC systems.

Register HANA in SLD

The SLD registration is performed by the nameserver. As this is a shared services you only have to run the SLD registration once for the SYSTEMDB. If your MDC system runs on several hosts and you have the master nameserver of the SYSTEMDB configured to fail over it is recommended to set the parameter SLDSYSTEMHOME in the DEFAULT.PFL of the HANA SYSTEMDB. As per SAP note 1842630 - Reconciliation of HANA and ABAP/Java SLD Data Supplier you should set the SLDSYSTEMHOME parameter to the hostname of the master nameserver. To make sure that the connection between the ABAP system and the underlying HANA database works correctly you should also set either the parameter SAPDBHOST or also the SLDSYSTEMHOME parameter for the ABAP system to this continuously stable hostname.

SLD Registration using HDBLCM

As MDC is not available for older SAP HANA systems, you will have to use HDBLCM to register your HANA system in the SLD. Log on to the master nameserver host with the <sid>adm of the SYSTEMDB.

In standard installations you can find the HDBLCM in the folder: /hana/shared/<SID>/hdblcm

You can check the success of the SLD registration and find any error that might occurred in the sldreg.log that you can access via HANA Studio.

Make sure that you find a success message in the log.

You will notice that you only can access the sldreg.log as well as the SLD parameters on the nameserver from the SYSTEMDB. This is correct. The SYSTEMDB takes over the registration for itself and all HANA tenants.

In case you had an error in the sldreg.log and you corrected whatever was wrong, you can retrigger the SLD data transfer by toggling the sld-enable parameter.


In the SLD you should now find the SYSTEMDB as well as all tenants.


You see that the SYSTEMDB currently registers with the overall System ID (I say currently as this might change in future).

You also see that the SYSTEMDB has much more associations than the tenants. This is because it also has associations that identify which tenants it knows.

Setup in Solution Manager and on Solution Manager Host

Install client software on SAP Solution Manager

The client software installation is independent of if you run an MDC system or not. Please refer to the section in the wiki for the Single-DB setup for more information. 

Set DB parameter on Solution Manager

Also here, please refer to the corresponding section in the Single-DB setup wiki.  

Check LMDB

In LMDB the system DB will register with the system SID and the tenants will register with their given SIDs. 

Setup for SAP HANA with multiple hosts

With the currently shipped SAP HANA releases there is a problem when the sldreg.xml is created for MDC systems running on more than one host. The sldreg.xml contains wrong properties that lead to missing HDB instances in SLD and LMDB. Please refer to the Troubleshooting section on how to fix this issue.

For the tenant databases you should see the SYSTEMDB under the "Technical System" tab in the root node of the system in the LMDB:

For all databases (SYSTEMDB as well as tenants) you should see all used instances (also the ones of shares services) under the Technical Instances sub-tree.

Apart from this the databases should have the usual information automatically supplied, like software version, hosts etc. 

Run Managed System Setup for HANA

Now we can run the managed system setup for the database systems. You have to run the manages system setup for the SYSTEMDB as well as for each tenant.

The managed system setup is pretty much the same as for the Single-DB. You can find details here.

When you enter the step "Enter System Parameters" to set up the DB connection, please make sure that the correct database name is pulled in the field "Instance Name". For the SYSTEMDB it will first show the global SID and then after the connection is made it will change to SYSTEMDB. This is OK.

In the next step "Enter Landscape Parameters" you have to make sure you put in the correct path for installation path and log path.

The default installation path is /hana/shared/<SYSTEMDB-SID>. If you changed the path during the installation it naturally would be elsewhere. However it should be the same for the SYSTEMDB as well as for all tenants. Please note that the auto-filled default value will be /hana/shared/<Tenant-SID>/. This path doesn't exist and you need to adjust this value.

The instance installation path is under /usr/sap/<SYSTEMDB-SID>/HDB<Inst. No.>. Also here you have to adjust the paths during the setup of the tenant DBs, as again the default auto-filled value will contain the

The instance log path differs between the SYSTEMDB and each tenant.

  • For the SYSTEMDB it is the default log path under /usr/sap/<SYSTEMDB-SID>/HDB<Inst. No.>/<host>/trace/
  • For the tenants the log path changes to /usr/sap/<SYSTEMDB-SID>/HDB<Inst. No.>/<host>/trace/DB_<Tenant-SID>/

For each tenant a folder is created in the trace directory of the SYSTEMDB.

Hence you have to enter this folder as log directory.

Setup for SAP HANA with multiple hosts

If your MDC system runs on several hosts it is possible to set up tenants so that they only run on specific hosts. This tenants will not have a DB_<Tenant-SID> sub-directory in the trace folder for hosts it is not running on.

However, even if not actively used by the indexserver the second instance will show up in the step "Enter Landscape Parameters" because shared services from this tenants run on it. You cannot just leave the default value here (which would be the trace directory of the SYSTEMDB), because if you do, this will lead to double monitoring. The trace files will be monitored by the SYSTEMDB as well as by the tenants. This would lead to problems in the monitoring and also the reporting.

The best way to avoid this, is to enter the DB_<Tenant-SID> extension to the path even if this path doesn't exist. This will lead to grey metrics, but at least not to double monitoring and wrong reporting. To avoid a warning when saving the parameter you should uncheck the "Check existence of paths when saving" checkbox when you save this parameter.

The rest of the managed system setup is performed like for Single-DBs.

Run Managed System Setup for ABAP

The managed system setup for the ABAP system is performed as usual.

Limitations for System Monitoring of SAP HANA MDC Systems

There are some remarks to be made regarding the System Monitoring functionality for MDC systems.

  1. The DB-instance concept, that was introduced with Solution Manager 7.1 SP14 / Solution Manager 7.2 SP3, is not supported for MDC systems.
    It can be used starting with Solution Manager 7.2 SP 5. Here a new Template 'Tenant Database Instance' is added to the MAI Monitoring.

  2. System Monitoring of system replication scenarios with automatic adjustment of the monitoring in case of a fail-over is not supported for MDC systems
  3. All metrics based on SAP Hostagent („HDB <servicename> Status“ in the alert group „Database Service Availability“) cannot be used with MDC systems.
    Starting with Solution Manager 7.2 SP 05 also the metrics based on SAP Hostagent can be used.

System Troubleshooting

If you have problem with the managed system setup please refer to the Troubleshooting section of this wiki.



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