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Managed System Setup for SAP HANA installations: If your SAP HANA database is installed with one or more nodes but without system replication or multi-tenancy, please follow this guide. This guide will also apply to MCOD (Multiple Components One Database) databases which use different schemas for each SAP system.
Managed System Setup for SAP HANA with MDC: If your SAP HANA system is installed as multi-tenant database container system some setup steps slightly differ from the standard SAP HANA installation. Please follow this guide for the additional and differed steps. In an MDC system you have one system database and within this database you have several database containers which serve as isolated database for an SAP system.
The picture below shows the different SAP HANA deployment options.
Managed System Setup for SAP HANA with System Replication: To support high-availability and disaster recovery you can install you SAP HANA system in a system replication scenario. In this case you continuously synchronize you SAP HANA system to a secondary location. This option is available for standard SAP HANA installations as well as for SAP HANA with MDC. If you SAP HANA system is using system replication for high-availability then some steps differ from the standard SAP HANA managed systems setup. Please follow this guide for the additional and different steps.
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