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Setup for SAP Cloud Platform Channels

Monitoring Use-Case

SAP Cloud Platform, the in-memory Platform-as-a-Service offering from SAP, enables customers and developers to build, extend, and run applications on SAP HANA in the cloud. It provides access to a development environment in the cloud. The platform includes a comprehensive set of services for integration, enterprise mobility, collaboration, and analytics.

The SAP HCP provides an OData API which we can use to extract exceptions using Solution Manager Exception Management. These exceptions can then be consumed by Interface and Connection Monitoring. Right now we do not monitor application run-times, but this is planned in future.

You can integrate SAP HCP with your on-premise systems using different technologies. Some of them we can monitor with SAP Solution Manager. To monitor the integration via SAP HANA Clound Integration please use the template Cloud (SAP HCI). To monitor an integration via SAP Cloud Integration for Data Services please use the template Cloud (SAP HCI DS). Currently we don't monitor the SAP Cloud Connector, however this is planned in future.

We do not plan to monitor other internet cloud services.

Interface Channel Configuration

Available Monitoring Templates

The following template is available for SAP Cloud Platform

Monitoring TemplateDescription
Cloud (SAP HCP)This templates contains metrics that enable you to monitor exceptions in the SAP Cloud Platform

Technical Prerequisites

Technical Prerequisites for Solution Manager 7.2

You have to create a Cloud Services and set up Exception Management before you can set up Interface and Connection Monitoring for SAP Cloud Platform. Please follow the below documentation on how to create cloud services and set up exception management:

Monitoring Template Cloud (SAP HCP)

Available Metrics

Metric NameDescriptionMAI CategorySP 
Number of exceptions in SAP HCP

Number of exceptions detected in SAP Cloud Platform. Exception statistics is retrieved from central Exception Management in Solution Manager. Data Collection is executed in delta mode.

The statistics are based on single exceptions which are retrieved via an API from SAP HCP into central Exception Management in Solution Manager.

Exceptions7.2 SP03
Single exceptions in SAP HCP

Single exceptions detected in SAP HCP. Exceptions are retrieved via an API from SAP HCP into central Exception Management in Solution Manager. Data Collection is executed in delta mode.

Exceptions7.2 SP03


Before you create the channel make sure you added the external service for the SAP Cloud Platform to the scenario. Your SAP HCP service must be either the source or the target system of the interface channel, to select the correct measuring point. The measuring point will always be the SAP HCP service.

After creating the channel you have maintain the interface parameters.

The following parameters have to be maintained:

  • Application (mandatory): Application Name
  • Tenant: The tenant to filter the exceptions upon

On the Metric Configuration tab you can select the metrics you are interested in.

The following parameters need to be maintained of metric level:

  • Logger: Logger name for message filtering

  • Message: The message of the exception

  • Runtime: Runtime of the application (java, HTML5)

  • Severity: Comma separated list of the severity of the exceptions

  • User: User who triggered the exception

The thresholds and data collection frequency is maintained in the next step of the setup wizards, in step "Activation".

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