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Rapid Content Delivery

Starting SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP12, a new infrastructure has been introduced to deliver new contents for Solution Manager applications. This is called Rapid content delivery (also known as  RCD).

Rapid Content Delivery (RCD) tool allows customers to import the latest content updates for various SAP Solution Manager Functions, such as Monitoring and Alerting, Guided Procedure, and Customer Usage Provisioning. Content updates are available in the form of Support Packages (content package ST-CONT) in SAP Service Marketplace.

A typical set of activities that is followed for a content update using RCD is as follows:

  1. New updated content is released from SAP (ST-CONT 100) and is available SAP Support Portal.
  2. Notification is send from SAP to Customers' Solution Manager system regarding the availability of the new content. The customer can read the notifications either via Automatic or Manual options.
  3. Customer downloads the content from SAP Support Portal. Automatic and Manual Download options are available.
  4. Content is uploaded to Sap Solution Manager System and is available for import by respective applications.
  5. Applications will import the respective content.

Content list:

The updated content from the below applications will be available for download via RCD. Customers are requested to check the latest content available for the release and the corresponding SP. The latest content details available at : Details on Solution Manager's Content Delivered (Software Component: ST-CONT)

Solution Manager 7.1: 

          1. Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure

          2. Guided Procedure

          3. Customer Usage Provisioning

RCD:  Process

You have the following options to update your Solution Manager system with the latest ST-CONT content:

  • Manually Upload the Content:- For customer who don't have OSS and Service Market Place connections from Solution Manager.
  • Semi Automatic Update:- For customers who have access to SAP OSS and SAP Service Market Place but do not want automatic download.
  • Automatic Upload of Content.:- For customers who have access to SAP OSS and SAP Service Market Place and want to set up automatic download
    For more information refer Different Customer Scenarios and Delivery Approaches

Navigation to RCD 

Navigate to : Solution Manager Administration work center -> Infrastructure 

Select the Content Drop down and click on Rapid Content Delivery


Technical Support

You can raise an incident in this component (SV-SMG-RCD) if you face any issues with this infrastructure.




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