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The below prerequisites has to be met for the successful implementation of the Automatic Availability of Content . Incase of issues please refer : FAQ for Rapid Content Delivery

  1. Authorization

    Maintain S-User and Password in SAP Solution Manager with download authorizations from Service Market Place. This information in maintained in Solution Manager Configuration work center -> Specify Connectivity Data. SAP-OSS connection is then created.

  2. Certificates

    In transaction STRUST, you have registered the following certificates for the SSL Client SSL Client (Standard) server:
  3. Proxy Settings ( If there are no proxy settings required to connect to the internet please refer the note : 155954  )

    1. In transaction SICF, you can also maintain Proxy settings globally (HTTPS proxy settings) to connect to SAP servers. 

      In client -> Proxy settings, maintain Global Settings and HTTPs Protocol as required.

    2. Currently, it is not possible maintain the proxy information per destination. We are working on the issue and this section will be updated accordingly.

  4. RFC destination

    1. The Rapid Content delivery batch job ‘JOBNAME SM: RCD_CHECK_UPDATES’’ should have run at least once on the system.  The batch job has to be triggered manually also in case latest downloads/ notifications are required. The batch job should run after notes (if any) are implemented. The list of notes to be implemented is updated in ‘Notes’ section of this wiki page.
    2. Once  job 'JOBNAME SM: RCD_CHECK_UPDATES’' is successful, it is also recommended to do a 'Connection Test' for RFC destination 'SMPAUDWNLD' 
      use transaction sm59 and check if RFC destination ''SMPAUDWNLD' connection works.
    3. Check Rapid Content Delivery application to get notifications and download status of support package from SMP
    4. Also refer to the note 155954 for additional information.
  5. Notes

    Notes are available at : SAP Notes with Rapid Content Delivery


    SAPCRYPTOLIB patch level for software signatures must be 35. You can also check the version in the system using the report program - SSF02


    1. The ST-CONT support packages are downloaded into Solution Manager system through this infrastructure but not applied or imported into the applications. Applications like Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure (MAI), Guided Procedure (GP), has import mechanisms within its content import step where as Customer Usage Provisioning content has to be imported via RCD application.

    2. It is not allowed to download the ST-CONT Support Packages from Service Market Place and import it via the standard import tools.

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