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High level Architecture

Infrastructure and Data Flow

Configuration Activities

To allow users to check specific messages or the monitoring team to optimize message flows or detect errors, you need to set up message flow scenarios. The below configuration steps help you achieving this. 

Setup in SAP Process Integration

Action Item 1: Setup Integration Visibility

Navigate to Integration Visibility Help Portal and choose Configuration. Follow the steps to configure Integration Visibility:

  • Connecting to SLD
  • Connecting to PI Domains
  • Connecting to Backend Systems 

Action Item 2: Run the Discovery to collect Flow Model data

Navigate to Integration Visibility Help Portal and choose Discovery. Follow the steps to discover Process Integration flow through Integration Visibility.

  • Discovering the Integration Visibility
  • Viewing Flows
  • Subscribing to Message Flows

Setup in SAP Solution Manager

Action Item 3: Managed System setup

Navigate to Managed System Configuration step in Solution Manager Configuration and execute the setup activities.

Entry Point: Solution Manager Work Center (Transaction Code: SOLMAN_SETUP) → Solution Manager: Configuration → Managed System Configuration

Action Item 4: Message Flow Monitoring setup

Navigate to Message Flow Monitoring step in Solution Manager configuration and execute the setup activities. 

Entry Point: Solution Manager Work Center (Transaction Code: SOLMAN_SETUP) → Solution Manager: Configuration → Application Operations-> Integration Monitoring -> Message Flow



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