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SAP Notes for SDA Customizing

SAP NoteSAP Note SubjectValid for SDA Version ≥ x
2651765Usage of Key Store Entry Passwords1.24.0
2641304Using SAP Focused Run System Preparation Tool for Managed System Preparation1.23.0
2549424Configure the Simple Diagnostics Agent's HTTP Port1.17.0 
2633417Setup secure communication with SDA using certificates from PKCS12 stores1.17.0
2632984Enable/Disable verification of server certificates1.17.0
2607542Setup Secure RFC Communication with Simple Diagnostics Agent1.22.0
2632477Extend the FRUN file system browser directoy allowlist 1.19.0
2807599Reduce the FRUN file system browser directoy allowlist1.36.0
2603369Extend the FRUN file system browser filetype allowlist1.19.0
2807612Reduce the FRUN file system browser filetype allowlist1.36.0

Configuration of logging per application


Trigger Advanced Actions for the SDA (trigger a heap dump, trigger a stack dump, activate debugging, or deactivate debugging)

2808179Switch off the Usage of the SAP Host Agent Instance Gateway1.36.0
2778709Use SAP Host Agent PSE infrastructure on SDA / Customize PSE location 1.35.0
2909150Allow custom setting of maximum heap memory for the SDA1.44.0
2898883Convert SSI configuration to https if customer has decided to use https1.43.0
2960486Connection issues after upgrade SDA from 1.43 or earlier to 1.44 or a higher version1.44.0
2960163High memory consumption for java process of the Simple Diagnostics Agent (SDA)1.44.0
3002236Delete Custom Properties on Simple Diagnostics Agent1.30.0
2991655Configure Timeout For P4 Connection Check1.51.0
3093941Customize Pool Size for MAI Collector Framework1.57.0

SAP Notes for SDA Patches/Fixes

SAP NoteSubjectFixed with SDA Version
2561241Wrong configuration status in Agent Admin UI1.16.1
2532140HTTP 500 for SLDR1.17.0
2635255Availability status is incorrect 1.22.1
2634593JCo via SNC does not work 1.22.1
2528329RemoteOSCommand timeout error1.17.0
2519489SLDR loses the destination configuration1.17.0
2561793HTTP Redirect Handling in Simple Diagnostics Agent 1.16.1
2574363HTTP log-on checks fail with error messages like " no protocol" 1.18.0
2647462Simple Diagnostics Agent 1.23 refuses to shutdown1.23.1
2848494SDA Configuration Support for Windows Server 20191.39.0

SAP Notes for other Issues

SAP NoteSubjectRelevant For
2501820Simple Diagnostics Agents needed Disk SpaceSDA 1.17.0 
2621225SAP Cryptolib not found at path <path> for platform <platform>SDA 1.22.0 
2563120FRUN1.0: SDA binary uploaded with different platformFRUN 1.0 FP02
2554234System expected the end of the element object FRUN 1.0 FP02
2486584Error in the report SRSM_AMA_UPLOAD_BINARY when the external command SAPCAR is executed FRUN 1.0 FP01
2699083 "Enable/Disable Debugging" and "Get Heap Dump" fail in case of SSOFRUN 1.0 FP03
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