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Master GuideMaster Guide for Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager
SSISimple System Integration



In the Master Guide you have been asked to run report P_SSI_PREPARATION in SA38 with following parameters:

Meaning of: Enable Default Extended SID Handling

Checking/enabling this option, will cause Extended SID changes at following events:

  • Whenever a technical system or database is registered for the first time in the LMDB. The default LMDB Extended SID calculation is over-ridden.
    • Most prominently this means, that during registration in the LMDB the Extended SID of a technical system is set to "<SID><CID>"
      • <SID> meaning: System ID
      • <CID> meaning: Customer ID
  • Later on, whenever SSI is executed, during SSI execution the
    • Extended SID's of non-HANA databases are changed (details will be provided)
    • Extended SID's of HANA databases are not changed
    • Extended SID's of non-database technical systems are not changed (e.g. SAP NetWeaver ABAP and Java systems) 


CAUTION: If you have enabled this option, we recommend that you do not perform manual Extended SID changes in the LMDB, since those changes may get reverted by running SSI. If you should do a manual Extended SID change, it is mandatory that you re-run SSI after that, so that configuration consistency is ensured.


Disabling the option, will not perform any of the above mentioned Extended SID changes any more (from the point of disabling onward). Only default LMDB Extended SID calculation will be performed whenever a technical system or database is registered for the first time in the LMDB. This will result in Extended SID's like: JAV, JAV00001, JAV00002, etc.



Changing the Data Center ID for a Customer Network

This procedure is valid for: Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager >= FP01

The below procedure can be used to change the Data Center ID for a customer network.

The maximum length of a Data Center ID is 16 characters.

We recommend to use a combination of: characters, digits, underscores (_), dashes (-).


Note that: in future releases the Data Center ID may be used for access/authorization checking, it is recommended to maintain the Data Center ID in a clear and consistent way.

Note that: the "Global Settings & Network Configuration" UI will not support Data Center ID's longer than 4 characters, during cloning of a Customer Network. It will reduce the Data Center ID to 4 characters.


  1. Ensure your user has the role SAP_FRN_LDB_ALL assigned
  2. Start transaction SA38
  4. Depending on what you want to do, check or uncheck the option: Prohibit save of any changes
  5. Press the "Execute" button
  6. Resize the displayed columns so, that you can see and edit column: Data Center 1
  7. Select the line/row for the Customer Network entity which you want to change
  8. Press the "Display/Change" button
  9. Edit (by simply (re)typing) the value in column: Data Center 1 (be careful to not change other fields)
  10. Press the "Save" button
  11. Exit the report
  13. Check option: Prohibit save of any changes
  14. Press the "Execute" button
  15. Review/confirm that the required change was saved




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