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This how to should explain how to set up Solution Manager Technical Monitioring for your SAP Netweaver MDM 7.1 system.


  • Technical Monitoring for MDM 7.1 requires Solution Manager 7.1 SP05 and higher.
  • To support the full functionality of the Technical Monitoring it is strongly recommended to upgrade your MDM system to 7.1 SP10 and higher.
    Take note that on prior versions of MDM 7.1 Wily monitoring was not supported for some platforms or stability issues were encountered, see SAP Notes 1564550 - Wily monitoring not supported for MDM 7.1 on HP-UX; 1696572 - MDM Server crashes when Wily Interscope is enabled. Wily Introscope is one of the main data providers for the Technical Monitoring (see also next point) thus if Wily Introscope data for your MDM system is not available the Technical Monitoring capabilities are limited.
  • The Managed System set up for your MDM 7.1 system should be completed successfully please refer to the respective Wiki page.
    Important information: The MDM technical monitoring metrics rely in part on information collected from the file system via the Host Agent. Partly data is provided by Wily Introscops this applies in particular for the availability and performance metrics. Thus it is very important that Wily Introscope monitoring for your MDM instances is activated, i.e. MDM ini file parameter 'Wily Instrumentation' needs to be set to 'True'. The parameters are set automatically when performing the managed system set up guided procedure step 6 'Configure Automatically' activity 'Initialization Files Setup'. In order for the changes to become active the MDM instances need to be restarted after the parameter change.


This paragraph summarizes the preparation activities that should be performed to enable the MDM system for Technical Monitoring:

  • Before starting the Technical Monitoring set up pease review SAP Note 1756652 - Monitoring of SAP NW MDM 7.1 with SAP Solution Manager 7.1 for additional information and known issues. SAP Note 1756652  also contains a list of all supported metrics.
  • An issue exists with SAP Host Agent 720 PL135 to 169 where it is not possible to connect to the MDM system using the MDM Console see SAP Note 1756652 - Monitoring of SAP NW MDM 7.1 with SAP Solution Manager 7.1. Therefore please use SAP Host Agent 720 PL134. A solution to the issue based on SAP Host Agent 720 PL170 and higher is being worked on and will be realeased in SAP Note 1949915.
  • To enable SAP Host Agent to monitor CPU and Memory utilization of the MDM Server executables please adapt procmon.ini as described in SAP Note 1257903 - How to enable MDM process monitoring in SMD.
  • If your SAP Netweaver MDM 7.1 system is on SP10 make sure to adapt ncs.conf file as described in SAP Note 1936123 - ncs.conf file is outdated. This will resolve an issue were certain Wily metrics are not delivered to the Enterprise Manager correclty.
  • If the SMD Agent installed on the MDM hosts are not installed under the default instance number, i.e. different from 98, you need to adapt the parameter 'agent_port' in the ncs.conf file. The configuration file ncs.conf can be found in the /usr/sap/<SID>/<MDM instance>/config/ directory. The 'agent_port' value should have the form 5<SMD Agent instance number>18. 
  • Valdiate that the Wily Introscope setup has been completed and that data is reported correclty for the MDM system. The best way to do this is log on to Wily and look at the MDM Triage dashboard page. If all metrics are displaying data the setup was executed correclty. Your MDM Triage dashboard should look similar to this:

    If you check in the Investigator you should find an MDM entry for each host under the SAP HostAgent node:


  • Copy Technical Monitoring templates to custom template.
    To adapt the monitoring templates to your needs it is advisable to copy the default deliverd templats to custom namespace.
  1. Start solman_setup in your Solution Manager system.
  2. Go to 'Technical Monitoring'.
  3. Go to point 4 'Template Maintenance'.
  4. Expand the node for 'Technical Instances'
  5. Select the corresponding template from the list, i.e. SAP MDM Import Server, SAP MDM Server or SAP MDM Syndication Server.
  6. Switch to 'Edit' mode
  7. Select 'Create Custom Template'.
  8. Provide a new name.
  9. (Optional but important) Adapt template metrics to your needs. Therefore go to the 'Metrics' tab as shown below:

    Activate or deactivate metrics according to your scenario.
    Typical metrics to adapt:
    a) per default the 'Repository Loading' metric is deactivated as this is only supported with MDM 7.1 SP10 and higher. In case your MDM system fulfills the support package requirement you should activate this metric.
    b) The 'Size of Master Slave synchronization file' metric is only relevant if MDM Master-Slave functionality is in use. If this is not the case you should deactivate the metric.
  10. Afterwards save the customized template. 
  • Assign monitoring templates for your MDM system. 
  1. Start solman_setup in your Solution Manager system.
  2. Go to 'Technical Monitoring'.
  3. Go to point 5 'Define Scope'.
  4. Choose the correct MDM system from the list and click 'Next'
  5. Select 'Assign Templates' and assign the corresponding templates to all instances, host and DBMS using the drop down selection menu.
  6. After successfull completion your assignment should look similar to this:
  7. Afterwards select 'Apply and Activate' -> 'All managed objects' to complete the template assignment.


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