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Setup Examples for System Monitoring 

On this wiki page you will find setup examples for common System Monitoring problems. 

Excluding File Systems from Monitoring

A common request we receive is that customers want to monitor only certain file systems on their hosts. This sounds easy at first but it is not trivial when you keep in mind that you want to use the same host template for all hosts in you landscape if possible.

By default the metrics for file system monitoring include all file systems, it does this with the regular expression ".*". As you usually don't know which file systems to expect and the naming at least for SAP systems is system specific replacing this regex with just a list of the file systems you want to include is a problem. The best way is to exclude the file systems you don't want to see. This is again done by a regex.

Let's say I want to exclude all file systems with the name /media and /scratch. As you cannot change or delete the SAP standard variant, you have to create an additional custom variant for the file system metric and deactivate the SAP standard one.

Go to your custom template and select the metric group for the file system monitoring you want to change. Switch to Expert mode and create a new metric variant.

Enter the regex ^(?!/media.*)(?!/scratch.*).*$ in the Filesystem column.

Save you template. Now only activate the new custom variant.

The main difficulty in this is finding the correct regex to exclude what you want. Here are some useful examples:

  • Exclude file systems that contain media:  ^(?!.*media.*).*$
  • Exclude all file systems that contain sda or sdb or sdc: ^(?!sda|sdb|sdc).*
  • Exclude file systems that start with /media: ^(?!/media.*).*$
  • Exclude two file systems /media and /scratch: ^(?!/media.*)(?!/scratch.*).*$ ... to add more file systems just add more (?!/<file system name>.*)
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