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What is SAP IT Calendar?

SAP IT Calendar is an intuitive and interactive flex based application delivered with SAP Solution Manager 7.1 that provides calendar-based overview of downtimes, critical uptimes and IT Events for Technical Systems, Instances, DBMS and System groups.

Why should I use SAP IT Calendar and what is pain point SAP IT Calendar is trying solve?

With growing SAP Landscapes and distributed responsibilities, System administrators / IT Operators face the challenge of planning, coordinating and tracking system events such as Upgrades, Downtimes and Maintenance across IT and Business departments. Usage of spreadsheets for this purpose results in new challenges  such as manual maintenance of landscape information , providing information access to large number of users and ensuring interested parties are notified in case of Event changes.

With SAP Solution Manager containing up-to-date landscape information, a central calendar within SAP Solution Manager that allows planning of downtimes, maintenance windows and business events has been developed to solve System administrator’s challenges. Both IT and business operation teams can plan their activities around Event information from IT Calendar. Questions such as “When is the next planned downtime for system ABC?” or, “When are the Quarter End closing activities happening on the system XYZ?” are answered by the IT Calendar.  In addition, the Event information can be made available to all interested parties resulting in better collaboration between various departments. For example, customer development team planning a release of the customer’s software could look up the SAP IT Calendar and make sure its release dates are not clashing with existing maintenance windows planned by IT Operations team.The overall idea is to make  IT calendar the single source of truth for both IT and business departments with regards to planned up-times, downtimes, changes, projects and business events for the technical components.

Hence, if you are looking for an option to make the IT planning for technical components immediately visible to interested and responsible parties, take a look at SAP IT Calendar.

How does SAP IT Calendar look like?

The application provides overview of planned Work Modes and IT Events with easy navigation between month, year and day views based on the pre-selected Technical Systems. The view is also available for other components including Technical Instances, DBMS and System groups.

IT Calendar application screen shot:


Technical System selection within the Technical Administration Work Center

What are key features of IT Calendar and What are different types of Events that can be planned using IT Calendar?

With SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP05 the following features are supported by IT Calendar

  1. Month, Week and Day views are supported. Easy navigation between different views
  2. Plan Work Modes ( Downtimes and critical uptimes ) and IT Events based on time selection for     technical components (e.g. Systems)
  3. Filtering on downtimes, critical uptimes and IT Event types
  4. Contextual Notifications for IT Events, downtimes and critical uptimes
  5. Integration with Holiday and Factory Calendar
  6. Provide application access to non-SAP Solution Manager users via hyper-links

How can I get started with SAP IT Calendar? Are there any specific configuration steps that I should be aware of before using SAP IT calendar?

SAP IT calendar does not need any elaborate configuration to get started. Just make sure the following steps are taken care.

  1. SAP Solution Manager  user should have SAP_TECHNICAL_ADMIN_COMP composite role for authorization
  2. The service/default_host/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/wdc_itcal_main is activated. It is activated during Solman_set up by default.

Is it possible to view Change Management related Events  within SAP IT calendar?

Yes, With SAP Solution Manager SP10 CHARM related categories such as Change Cycle Phases, Change Documents, Quality Gate Management phases can be visualized within IT Calendar.  

How do I provide access to IT calendar application for non-SAP Solution Manager users?


please refer to SAP Note 1753063

I do not see certain Technical Systems in the IT Calendar System selection screen. What is the pre-requisite for a technical System to appear in the selection screen?


Only Technical Systems that are diagnostic relevant appear in the IT Calendar System selection screen.


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