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Run the Managed System Configuration for the Data Services System

To be able to use the Diagnostics (Root Cause Analysis) Applications for a Data Services system, the configuration in the SAP Solution Manager must be performed as described in the WIKI 'Managed system setup of Data Services system in the Solman 7.1'. The Data Services configuration for Root Cause Analysis has manual steps, ensure that all manual steps have been performed correctly.


If after perform the Managed System Configuration for the Data Services system the performance information is not correctly reported, refer to the following steps to troubleshoot the configuration of the Data Services system.

Check Performance Information in Introscope Enterprise Manager

The Data Services systems are monitored by Introscope Host Adapter which is an application of the Diagnostics Agents (a.k.a. SMDAgent). The Introsocpe Host Adapter collects the performance information from the Data Service system and send it to the Introscope Enterprise Manager. To check whether all performance data is being collected correctly using the Introscope Investigator. The following picture provides an overview about the nodes that must be visible for the Data Services system.

For the Data Services systems, there are two most important nodes that must be visible in the Introscope Investigator:

  • NCS Metrics - highlighted in green
  • DS_KPIS - highlighted in blue

If one of the nodes above is missing for the configured BOE system, then check the relevant section below to fix the problem.

IMPORTANT: The DS KPIs and NCS Metrics are collected by the Introscope Host Adapter application, which creates the entry 'SAP Host Agent Process' for the Data Service server in the Introscope Investigator. If the entire node SAP Host Agent Process is not avaiable for the Data Service server, then check section 'Check if Introscope Host Adapter is connected to the Enterprise Manager' of the Introscope Troubleshooting WIKI page.

NCS Metrics

For the Data Services system there should be the node 'BODS > SAP_DS > <data_services_host>' below the 'SAP Host Agent Process' in the Introscope Investigator. The will contain the C++ performance data which is collected through the NCS Library. The following picture shows an example:

To collect the NCS metrics, the Introscope Host Adapter connects to a port in the Data Services hosts where the NCS metrics service is exposed. If this node is missing this means that the Introscope Host Adapter could not connected to the port in the Data Services host. The most common problem is that the port configured in the Data services system is not the same one used by the Introscope Host Adapter.

If the NCS Metrics are not available, check the following:

1. Check NCS Service Configuration in the Data Services system

Check the NCS service configuration, this configuration is shown in section 'Data Services Configuration' of the Data Services Setup WIKI page. Ensure that the 'agent_port' is set to '6391' in the ncs.conf file of the Data Service systems. Restart the Data Services system to the changes in this configuration take effect.

2. Check NCS configuration in the Introscope Host Adapter (SMDAgent)

Go to step 'Enter System Parameters' of the Managed System Configuration for the Data Services system and ensure that the same port number configured in the 'agent_port' of the NCS Service is configured for the Diagnostics Agents. The NCS port needs to be provided in section 'NCS Communication' of step 'Enter System Parameters'. The following picture describes where the configuration needs to be checked:

NOTE: Restart the Diagnostics Agents of the Data Services systems after modify this configuration.

Data Services KPIs (DS_KPIS)

The Data Services KPIs are shown in the Introscope in the node called 'BODS > SAP_DS > DS_KPIS', the following picture describes details about the node in the Introscope Investigator:

In case the DS_KPIS node is not available, check the following:

1. Ensure that the Data Services Additional Workload Metrics are correctly configured

To collect the Data Services KPIs the configuration of note 1618486 must be performed to enable the additional Workload Metrics for the Data Services system, ensure that the DS_KPIs job to run every 30 mins as described in the Setup Guide attached to note 1618486.

2. Test command 'Show file' in the OS Command Console application for the Data Service

To test the Data Service command 'Show File' use the following steps:

  •     Transaction SM_WORKCENTER
  •     Root Cause Analysis Workcenter
  •     Host Analysis
  •     Select Data Service host
  •     Start the OS Command Console
  •     Finally select Group Data Services and Command 'Show File' and hit Execute

The following picture shows how to trigger the 'Show File' command:

If the command 'Show File' fails, ensure that the configuration of note 1618486 (prior step) is correct and also ensure that the ENV* parameters are correctly configured.

See KBA 2520823 - How to check the definition of ENV_* parameters for metrics collection of Data Services - SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2

Or refer to Step 2 of  section 'Managed System Setup for Data Services' of the Data Services Setup WIKI.

Check Managed System Extractors

The performance data reported to the Enterprise Manager is collected by the Solution Manager system using the extractors. If the performance data is available in the Introscope investigator for the Data Services system, then check if the extractors for the managed system to search for errors.

In Solman 7.10, the extractors can be found at:

  • SAP Solution Manager Administration
  • Infrastructure
  • Framework
  • Extractor Framework

In the Extractor Framework, search for the target managed system and check the status of Workload Analysis (Introscope Data) extractors, they must have green lights.

For Data Service systems, it is required to see TWO Workload Analysis (Introscope Data) extractors scheduled for the target system. If there is only one Workload Analysis (Introscope Data) of Type = Host, then it is possible to conclude that the second is are missing. The following picture shows an example of when the extractor is missing:

The second Workload Analysis (Introscope Data) extractor must be scheduled for the 'Extended Context' SAP DS JOB SERVER 4.2, in case the extractor is missing follow the steps of note 2350563.

EarlyWatch Specific Checks


Configuration file Job_DF_config<repository_name>.xml could not be read from the Change and Configuration Database - CCDB


The EarlyWatch Alert (EWA) for SAP Business Objects Data Services (BOE) systems shows the following warning in section 'Quality of Service Data in Configuration And Change Database':


The configuration xml could not be read from Change and Configuration Database - CCDB. To analyze missing data in the CCDB, go to 'Change Reporting' in the 'Root Cause Analysis' work center. Choose the system and the store. CCDB Store: Job_DF_config<repository_name>.xml with key

fields CL_DIAGLS_UNSPEC_INSTANCE used in check ''.


Solution: Refer to KBA 2460159.


Common Issues


Introscope Dashboards for SAP Data Services


By default not all Management Modules (Dashboards/Charts) are delivered during the Introscope Enterprise Manager installation. For some products the Introscope Dashboards need to be intalled manually. To have access for the Data Services related Dashboards copy the relevant Management Modules (SAP_BOBJ.jar) to the <EM folder>/config/modules folder of your Introscope Enterprise Manager.Then restart the EM services to the changes take effect. For more infomration refer to note 1579474 which provides more information.


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