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One of the main foundations to the template concept with SAP Solution Manager 7.1 is the use of parameters that can be filled with managed object specific values during the template activation. This way you can use the same template for several managed objects which increases transparency and decreases maintenance effort. For standard managed object types several parameters are available during monitoring activation. So you don’t have to worry about different system numbers or ports for your ABAP instances, because these are available as parameters and will be set to the correct value during monitoring activation. For unspecific cluster systems it is difficult to deliver a standard set of parameters, because they are too various. With Solution Manager 7.1 SP12 we address this issue by introducing custom parameters for unspecific cluster systems. This guide describes how to create these parameters and how to create an unspecific cluster system that uses them.


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PDF File Using Custom Parameters.pdf Nov 21, 2014 by Frank Kuehn



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  1. Hi Frank,

    First, thank for the guide. It is really usefull.

    I have followed the steps but in the monitoring I am getting this error:

    The port is comming from the Metric Configuration. But it looks like the Host is not being properly set from the Data  Collector Maintenace:



    Those are the parameter settings in VC_LMDB_ADD_ATTR:

    Any idea?

    thanks in advanced.


  2. Former Member

    Hello José,

    the images you added are not visible, so it does not get clear, how to help you.