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The End-to-End Workload Analysis application in SAP Solution Manager provides a central point of access to the performance statists of the monitored systems. The Workload Analysis allows to identify general performance bottlenecks such as sizing problems, or problems which affect all users who are using a particular system.

Scope and Benefits


  • General performance overview for heterogeneous landscape
  • Provides central access to statistical performance data of monitored systems.
  • Similar look and feel for performance analysis independent of system type.


  • Fast analysis of performance issues leads to faster resolution and therefore lower costs

End to End Workload Analysis is part of:


The picture below describes the software architecture to collect the performance information of the monitored systems.


The performance data provide in the End-to-End Workload Analysis reports are collected hourly by extractors running in the SAP Solution Manager system. The Workload Analysis extractors collect the performance information from the Introscope Enterprise Manager, and also for ABAP systems the ABAP Statistical Records (ASR) are collected directly from the system using the READ RFC. The data collected by the extractors are storage in the SAP Solution Manager infocubes.

Introscope Integration

The Introscope Enterprise Manager is a central system used as repository for the performance information collected by the distinct introscope agents from the monitored systems. The data collected by the Introscope Agents is processed by the Enterprise Manager which then makes it available for monitoring and diagnosis for performance issues. Depending on managed system type distinct types of agents are used, the main Introscope Agents are the following:

  • Introscope Host Adapter: The Introscope Host Adapter is an application of the Diagnostics Agents, this agent is used to monitor the systems of any type ABAP and non-ABAP systems. It collects some system performance information but also host information from the servers.
  • Introscope JAVA Agent (Byte Code Adapter): The Introscope JAVA Agent is used to monitors JAVA systems. This agent instruments the JAVA Virtual Machine of the monitored system, collects statistics from the JVM itself and about the applications (classes/methods) instrumented.
  • Introscope .Net Agent: The Introscope .Net Agent collects performance information of .Net applications.

The Introscope Agents collect the data from the managed system and report the information to the Introscope Enterprise Manager which is later extracted by the Workload Analysis (Introscope Data) extractors which store the data in the Solution Manager infocubes.

The Introscope Enterprise Manager must be configured in the SAP Solution Manager during the SOLMAN_SETUP in the following location:

  • Solution Manager 7.10: SOLMAN_SETUP → Basic Configuration → Configure CA Introscope
  • Solution Manager 7.20: SOLMAN_SETUP → Infrastructure Preparation → Configure CA Introscope



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