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Wiki for non-SAP Monitoring with SAP Solution Manager 7.1

This is the central entry point of the non-SAP monitoring Wiki. SAP Solution Manager 7.1 for sure can be used to monitor SAP system. But it is not restricted to that and you can also monitor non-SAP systems. Once have some experience with the monitoring of SAP system, it is not a big deal to set it up also for non-SAP systems. The intention of this wiki is to guide you through the non-SAP monitoring implementation process and to provide some how-to guides with real examples.


In case you need a motivation why you should monitor a non-SAP system with SAP Solution Manager and understand the benefits, please have a look to the non-SAP Monitoring Overview page.

non-SAP Monitoring Implementation Process

Due to its comprehensive functionality the new Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure has reached a level of quite some complexity. Without a deep knowledge of the infrastructure you might struggle to implement monitoring for non-SAP system. But with a clear plan and guidance the implementation is not difficult. To get this kind of information check out the non-SAP Monitoring Implementation page.

non-SAP Monitoring How-to Guides 

In case you are familiar with the implementation process check the non-SAP Monitoring How-to Guides page to get a quick overview of the available how-to guides. "Watch" this page to be informed once a new guide is available.

For the non-SAP Monitoring newbies it is better to follow the non-SAP Monitoring Implementation process page which also links to the corresponding how-to guides.

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