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Monitoring non-SAP Systems with SAP Solution Manager 7.1

Why to do this?

In the ideal world the customer has a homogenous SAP landscape and monitors everything with SAP Solution Manager. Unfortunately the real world is different and most customers have not only SAP systems but also non-SAP system. Let's take following banking scenario example to illustrate this.

The frontend applications are partially from SAP and most of the backend systems are from SAP. To exchange data between the frontend applications and the backend systems, there is a central non-SAP integration layer system in between. From a business process point of view, a process might start and end in an SAP system but the non-SAP integration layer system is crucial for the whole process, so it definitely needs to be monitored.

You might monitor this non-SAP system with a third party monitoring but do you really want to:

  • operate several monitoring solutions?
  • maintain and train employees in several tools?


The non-SAP system can also be monitored with SAP Solution Manager. This provides you several benefits:

  • You have a single point of truth for the overall system health
  • You need to operate only one monitoring solution
  • The operation team only needs to learn one monitoring tool
  • There are no license costs when using SAP Solution Manager for non-SAP monitoring (except for CA Introscope in case this is needed).
  • Seamless integration into the SAP Solution Manager System Monitoring with same look and feel as well as functionality (metric history drill down, notifications, incidents,...)




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