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Issues related to mobile client application functionality
Issues related to Mobile client application security, Mobile Server security, BusinessObjects Enterprise security, and Windows security

Issues related to Mobile server and client configuration

Issues encountered while working with simulators

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  1. Unknown User (a08942l)

    Our user is not able to download my BO mobile to his BlackBerry Mobile.

    When he typed URL to download our application it is giving message like:

    "unable to connect to the selected Mobile Data Service,Please try again later. If the problem presists please contact your admistrator."

    From our end every thing is working fine.But why that message is giving only to that user.Can any one help us to find out the root cause for that?

  2. Unknown User (a2ezyor)

    Make sure the mobile is able to connect to internet. As per the error, device is not able to connect to MDS (Mobile data service) which is nothing to do with BO mobile application.

    If you have any further queries please write me a mail @ with more details like which version of product you are trying to use and deployment lanscape.