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The provisioninig you configured for SAP NetWeaver Identity Management fails.


dispatcher, repository, system log, job log, privilege


Execute the following general checks.

  • Verify that the dispatcher is running and that it is enabled for provisioning jobs.
  • Verify that all tasks and jobs are enabled.
  • Verify that the job has been defined for the given dispatcher.
  • Verify that "Retrieve attributes from pending value" is deselected on the tasks.
  • Verify that the directory server is available, and that the correct credentials are used.
  • Verify that the repository definition is defined on the tasks.
  • View the logs.
  • System log: Verify that the dispatcher has requested the given job.
  • Job log: View any error messages in the job log to see if you can find the cause of the problem.
  • If you need to investigate a job more thoroughly, you can specify a different log file name for the job in the "Logging" tab of the job properties. You can also deselect the check box "Reset output file" to avoid overwriting the log file each time the job is run. This can be useful when debugging a provisioning job that may be run several times in sequence.
  • If you need more logging info from a specific job, you can create a specific dispatcher and increase the log level in the dispatcher's .prop file. Specify that the job is to be run by this specific dispatcher. Make sure that the dispatcher is not running. To run the job, start the dispatcher from the command line with the following command: "dispatcher_service_<dispatcher name> test runonce". The job will then be run once and a detailed log file will be created.
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