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When launching the Configuration Wizard for NetWeaver Composition 7.1 EhP1 an error occurs stating the following:

Precondition check 

Cannot ensure consistent technical configuration for the following reason(s):                                                              

- The DB table ('BC_SL_ACTIVE_PARTS') contains no information about activated usage types.


Check if the BC_SL_ACTIVE_PARTS has content but the table BC_SL_PARTS is empty, by executing the following steps: 

  1. unpack the LM-CORE SCA from the last stack you applied              
  2. find <LM-CORE
  3. Unpack location>/DEPLOYARCHIVES/                     
  4. deploy it in force mode (via telnet or the deploy view in NWDS)     


To deploy via telnet: - telnet to port 51008 (alternatively SAP MMC has an "AS Java telnet" command on context menu on the icm rocess) and type your JEE administrator credentials.

To deploy sda: - the command is "deploy <path to> version_rule=all"

If the above solution doesn’t work, apply the latest patch of LMCTC. 

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