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Official Support

Keep in mind that this troubleshooting guide is not supposed to be an official support channel. Any inquires due to software misbehavior should be reported via customer incident.

For more information, see How-To Raise an Incident for ABAP Post-Copy Automation.

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This troubleshooting guide does not claim to be fully complete or correct, although we try our best to keep it up-to-date. In addition, applying the proposed steps happens on your own risk. Its content may be modified, updated or removed without prior notice, so we do not warranty the completeness, timeliness and accuracy of the content.

Page: Address data missing Page: Application Log for Failed Conversion in PCA BDLS Page: BDLS conversion 'Upload from Clipboard' or 'Import from Textfile' is not working Page: BDLS conversion task aborts with runtime error Page: BDLS conversion task errors due to input-output problems Page: BDLS did not convert all tables Page: BDLS job log error 'statman_convert_after_ls_chng' in the include LRSSTATMANF01 Page: BDLS job log shows error A procedure is running for the test run Page: BDLS task stopped with cancelled BDLS conversion job Page: BDLS task stopped with error related to insufficient user permission Page: BDLS terminates with error ORA-1555 snapshot too old rollback segment number Page: BDLS with runtime error TSV_TNEW_PAGE_ALLOC_FAIL Page: Cannot configure the Transport Management System Page: Cleanup of Batch Jobs step runs infinitely during the task list run Page: Client copy runtime error "DBSQL_ILLEGAL_CLIENT_SPECIFIED" Page: Component ALECUST Page: Component USER Page: Component WEBSERVICE, SICF, and RFC Page: Creating a Transportable PCA Variant Page: Default domain is missing after executing task CL_STCT_SC_CLEANUP_SCOT Page: Duplicated address data after importing component USER Page: Duplicate keys in conversion will lead to an error in PCA BDLS Page: Error Message: Product is not enabled for this system Page: Error Message - FM TR_REQUEST_CHOICE failed for adding objects to commandfile <SID>TK900??? Page: Error when calling function module TR_SYS_PARAMS Return code 1 Page: Export of component CUSTOMER failed Page: How-To Raise an Incident for ABAP Post-Copy Automation Page: Import of component CUSTOMER failed Page: Import of component LOGINSCREEN ends with error Page: Import of component USER takes long time due to address data conversion Page: Import of component VARIANT ends with R3Trans return code 12 Page: Import of PCA components takes a long time Page: Import of RFC connections fails due to SQL Error 3106 accessing RFCTYPE: ORA-03106 Page: Modification adjustment after upgrading a support package Page: Operating system Windows and Refresh directory: Inconsistent Page: Parallel import of component BATCHJOBS Page: PCA EXPORT Phase, Receiving ABAP Shortdump Page: PCA Refresh and component ALECUST – customer defined IDOC segments are damaged Page: Post-copy automation installer (PCAI) fails Page: R3trans finished during import phase with return code 12 Page: R3trans minimum version Page: Role for PCA Refresh Task Lists Page: SAP Note implementation finished with status 'Incompletely implemented' Page: SAP Note implementation status 'Object cannot be implemented' Page: SPAU, SPDD issues Page: SPRO entries not changed after refresh Page: Task 'Export Users (SU01)' fails Page: Task 'Import Users' at an easy rate Page: Task Content 11 - Your are using user SAP* and any export failed Page: Task Export Import Cleanup Customer Defined Configuration Tables fails Page: Task list finished with errors, user cannot logon to the system Page: Task list run stops at task 'Prepare PCA Environment Check - File system and Tool' Page: Transporting PCA BADI as Customer Enhancement Page: Transport management system (TMS) configuration in transaction STMS fails Page: Transport management system is not working after executing a refresh task list Page: Using Report Variants