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  • InstanceID


You have moved your SAP system to a new host, SID or Instance number without using SAP SystemCopy tool.
Thus your InstanceID was not recalculated for the new values of the above parameters.


Your 7.0x java upgrade phase CONFIGURE_JVM_PROPERTIES fails due to missing/wrong instance ID in the configuration manager.

How to check for the above error?

Locate your latest <java upgrade dir>\log\CONFIGURE_JVM_PROPERTIES_CJM_xx.LOG and look for the following error lines:

Could not add jvm and heap size parameters to the server and dispatcher
jvm properties. Could not read configuration instance with
IDxxxxxx! :
could not find configuration for instance IDxxxxxx!.


You need to post a message under CSS component BC-UPG-TLS-TLJ,
in order to get a password for skipping the phase from java upgrade development support.
You will also get some manual steps to execute. Those are the steps that this phase normally
runs autmatically.

Since your system has been set up in an unsupported way(copied/moved/renamed without using SAP SystemCopy) you can get assistance only by SAP Java upgrade development support, you will need to wait for a developer to become available during EMEA office hours.

After performing those steps, you will still have wrong instanceID and further upgrades might still fail.
Best solution for such problems is to set the system up using SystemCopy.

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