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Do you get 'DCLockNotFoundException'?

How to check for 'DCLockNotFoundException'

Locate your latest <java upgrade dir>/log/deploy_<timestamp>.log
and look for the following error:

Error ]:Deployment Exception during
deployment phase 'DeploymentException',cause=[ERROR CODE DPL.DC.3068]
The Deploy Controller cannot unlock the database because of the offline
deployment. The deployment could not be performed.; nested exception
[ERROR CODE DPL.DC.3104] Cannot perform 'unlock' operation in 'DB' for
argument 'deploy_controller/lock/single_thread' and user 'Deploy',
because it is not locked.; nested exception is:
A configuration with the path "deploy_controller/lock/single_thread"
and cid "unknown" does not exist.

In case you find the above exception answer Yes, otherwise answer No.

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