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Do you get 'DeployManagerException: ERROR: Cannot connect to Host: [<hostname>] with user name: [SAP*] '

How to check for the above error?

Locate your latest <java upgrade dir>\log\UNDEPLOY_LIST_UAP_XX.LOG and look for the following error lines:

Error: See below for details:
Caught exception while checking the login credentials for SAP J2EE Engine. Check whether the SAP J2EE Engine is up and running. ERROR: Cannot connect to Host: [<hostname>] with user name: [SAP*]
Check your login information.
Exception is: Exception while trying to get InitialContext. [Root exception is cannot establish connection with any of the available instances
Nested exceptions are: Cannot open connection on host: <IP> and port: 5<Central instanve nr.>04

In case you find the above error answer Yes, otherwise answer No.

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