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You receive error "ABAP Backend doesn't exist on the SLD " during execution of BI Template


  • BI, SLD, ABAP, Backend, Configuration


1. Make sure which SLD you like to connect.

2. Logon to the Web Dynpro Welcome page http://host:port/webdynpro/welcome/Welcome.jsp
and then go to Content Administrator -> Check SLD Connection -> Test Connection.
The relevant connection settings will be brought out before. Make sure they are correct.
The test result is listed on the bottom of the page.

If the test fails, verify and adjust the SLD settings in the visual admin:

1. Go to SLD Data Supplier -> tab Run time -> tab(bottom) HTTP settings,
adjust all the parameters.

2. Go to SLD Data Supplier -> tab Run time -> tab (bottom) CIM Client Generation Settings
adjust all the parameters.

3. Go to Configuration Adapter -> CTC -> Propertysheet SystemProperties,
adjust all the SLD relevante settings.

4. Retest.

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