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You receive error "ABAP Backend doesn't exist on the SLD " during execution of BI Template


  • BI, SLD, ABAP, Backend, technical, system, registration


When configuring the Webdynpro Jco destination connectivity the AS-ABAP (BI) system must be configured in the SLD.


  • Logon to the SLD: http://<host>:<port>/sld. (Your configured SLD (central or local SLD))
  • Please check in Home -> Technical Systems -> select type ABAP. This should have configuration of your ABAP (BI) system.
    • If it is missing, logon to your ABAP (BI) system -> goto transaction RZ70.
    • Fill in the SLD bridge: gateway info -> Activate -> Start data collection.
  • If a error message like "ABAP backend doesn't exist in the SLD" pops up while running the template installer, there could be different possibilities for this error.
    • In  SP14 more detailed error sources will be poped up.
    • For lower SPS the exact reason of the error can be found in the defaulttrace file.
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