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Introduction to SOA Management Troubleshooting Guide

This is the home page of the Troubleshooting Guide for SOA Management - SOA Configuration for Connectivity. The topics covered are:

  • Configuration of Web Services and Web Service Clients (Service Endpoints and Service Groups)
  • Web Service Navigator
  • Services Registry
  • Operation of the SOA Management UIs in SAP NetWeaver Administrator

The topics in the following pages are based on frequently asked questions or issues that various customers have faced, while setting up their systems. As of SAP NetWeaver 7.20 significant effort has been spent in improving the usability of SOA Confuguration for Connectivity. Yet - this is an onoing effort, so feedback will be appreciated. As a result we will either add new features in subsequent releases or add more articles that could guide you through some not-so-obvious tasks.

Topic Areas

To get started, please select which is the area that most closely matches the question or problem you are facing:

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