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TREX Troubleshooting Guide - Welcome to the main page!
Text Retrieval and Informaton Extraction (TREX) is a solution for enhancing SAP Systems performance.



This guide intends to help customers solving typical and known issues related to TREX 6.10, TREX 7.00, TREX 7.10.

The TREX team is constantly working to make available a high quality, interactive and easy-to-use troubleshooting guide. This way our customers can easily and quickly find answers to ordinary problems without having to open a customer messages for every case.

This troubleshooting guide does not claim to be fully complete or correct, although we try our best to keep it up-to-date. In addition, applying the proposed steps happens on your own risk. Its content may be modified, updated or removed without prior notice, so we do not warranty the completeness, timeliness and accuracy of the content.



TREX Download and Upgrade:

Sporadically new revisions of TREX are released and can be downloaded from the SAP Software Download Center.

Bugs - Official Support:

Please keep in mind that this troubleshooting guide is not supposed to be an official support channel. Any inquires due to software misbehavior should be reported via customer message.

For more information, see How-To write optimal customer incidents.

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Official documentation can be found at:

If you are seraching for BWA related information, please go to our BWA Troubleshooting Guide Main Page.


Newest Updates:

In case you are interested in updates simply bookmark the complete space or check the following table from time to time:

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Tip: Always consider upgrading to our latest revision as new features are being released from time to time.