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You have created GenericAbapConnector and have provided an ABAP Class that implements the IF_UWL_ITEM_PROVIDER interface. The connector is not present in the list of Connectors in the Connection Status window.


The Supported Item Types field In the GenericAbapConnector configuration is not populated. When there are no supported item types (relevant to the current view) by a certain connector,

the UWL skips contacting that connector.


  • UWL
  • Connection Status
  • GenericAbapConnector 


To fix this problem  you should specify the required item types. For example:


1. In Universal Worklist - Configuration find the GenericAbapConnector and select it.

2. Click Edit and find the Supported Item Types field.

3. Enter the required item type for example: uwl.task

4. Press Save

Now you should be able to see the GenericAbapConnector in the list of connectors in the Connection Status Window.


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