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The user logs on to the portal, opens the Universal Worklist (UWL) but doesn't see any appropriate tabs and their items.


Perhaps items are displayed but these items don't belong to the current tab.


  • tab not visible in UWL
  • Customizing UWL
  • NavigationNode UWL


It might be that the UWL Inbox has been modified with respect to the visible tabs. It is possible that the default tab is not visible.

In this case, the content will be displayed after the the corresponding tab for the configured item type is defined.
You can specify which tabs are visible and which not in the UWL Inbox in the configuration xml.
In the following xml snippet example the AlertsView is visible that means the Alert tab is displayed. The Task tab is not displayed.


<NavigationNode name="Main" view="" visible="yes".......

<NavigationNode name="alert2" view="AlertsView" visible="yes".......
<NavigationNode name="CombinedTask" view="DefaultView" visible="no"...


You define the default tab in the Content Administration.

  1. Choose Content Administration > Portal Content > Content Provided by SAP > End User Content > Standard Portal Users > iViews > > Universal Worklist
  2. Enter the default view under sap_uwl_viewname. If you enter AlertsView, only the Alert tab with the alerts according to the logged on user is displayed.
    If you enter DefaultView also only the Alert tab is displayed but with the items which belong to the DefaultView. When you choose Display Connection Status the AlertConnector is not displayed among the other connectors.
    To display the alerts in the Alert tab click on the Alert tab. To display the AlertConnector choose Display Connection Status.
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