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The user experiences low performance while scrolling amongst tasks in the Universal Worklist (UWL) Inbox


There have been a lot of personalizations done to customize the look and feel of the Universal Worklist Inbox of the logged user


* scrolling in UWL
* low performance on scroll


Reset the UWL personalization for the user

  1. Log in with a user who has administrative rights
  2. Choose System Administration > System Configuration > Universal Worklist & Workflow > Universal Worklist - Administration.
  3. In the Universal Worklist Content Configuration section choose Click to Manage Item Types and View Definitions.
  4. Choose the Reset Personalization tab.
  5. Enter the user ID of the logged in user whose personalized views you need to delete to improve the performance while scrolling.
  6. Choose Show Views.
    All personalized views of the logged in user are listed.
  7. To delete the personalized views choose Remove Personalizations.


    If you do not specify a user ID in the Logon ID field, you delete all personalized views for all users.


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