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The UWL enables you to associate a variety of UWL configurations to different principals (user, role or group). The XML configuration is assigned to a particular role or group by assigning a value to the attribute uniqueID of the Principals element. In case the logged on user is assigned to the same role or group, the respective XML configuration is matched at runtime and becomes effective. Thus, the user sees the outlook and tasks table associated with the particular UWL configuration. You manage users in the portal’s User Management.


You assign a principal to an XML configuration. To identify a principal, its uniqueID should be defined as the only attribute of a Principal tag in the XML configuration file. The Principal tag in the XML can contain several principals. The UWL XML configuration files are uploaded in the portal’s UWL Administration.

Below is an example UWL XML configuration with a defined principal:
<?XML version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE UWLConfiguration PUBLIC '-//SAP//UWL1.0//EN' 'uwl_configuration.dtd'>

<UWLConfiguration version="1.0">


<Principal uniqueID="ROLE.UME_ROLE_PERSISTENCE.un:examplePrincipalRole" />





Conflicting configurations are resolved as follows:


       1.      Configuration priority

       2.      Logged user matches the principal that is defined in the XML configuration

       3.      Alphabetical order/prefixing (used only for configurations with the same principal defined)

For example, if XML A’s name is Configuration and XML B’s name is UWL Configuration, XML B is placed further down the alphabetical order list than XML A.

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