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Substitution rule is created for a system without being explicitely configured.


The reason for this behavior is that in Universal Worklist substitution rules are defined per user, not per system. That is why, is a substitution rule has been created either in the backend or in Java Workflow, Universal Worklist will try to activate the substitution rule in all available connector, be it WebFlowConnector, AdHocWorkflowConnector or BPEMUWLConnector. In the case where the user for whom a substitution rule is being maintained is not mapped or does not exist in one of the systems defined, Universal Workflow will report that inconsistency through the "Problems reported(repairable)"  message in "Manage Substitution Rules" - > "My Substitution Rules" - > "Rule Activation" status.

For those connectors which are in "Failed" state, a "Retry" button provides the option of retrying to activate the Substitution rule for those connectors, and in case the activation fails, an error message pointing to the exact reason why the rule activation has failed for the specific connector will be provided.

Refer to a screenshot depicting the above behavior:


Substitution, "Rule Activation", "Manager Substitution Rules", UWL


Note:  It is recommended that substitutions definitions be created and modified only via "Manage Substitution Rules" in Universal Worklist to ensure consistency in Universal Worklist substitutions.

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