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The task list in the Universal Worklist (UWL) is not updated after a task is completed, approved, or rejected.

This real-time refresh feature is available starting from SAP NetWeaver 7.02 SP02 and above, and also SAP NetWeaver CE 7.2 SP01 and above. Refer to SAP Note 1330560.

To troubleshoot problems related to Real-time Refresh functionality, refer to topic Problems with Universal Worklist Real-time Refresh in this troubleshooting guide.


The reason for this behavior is that when a task is executed in the UWL, this execution runs out of the UWL context. The UWL is not aware of the result of the work item execution, i.e. whether the task is indeed completed after the action execution. That is why the task is not removed from the task list in the UWL after it has been completed. Only when the user uses the Refresh function to retrieve the actual state of  inbox of the logged on user from the backend system and to manually refresh UWL cache, will the completed task disappear from the UWL inbox.


  • real-time refresh;
  • delta pull;
  • refreshUWLBackend;


You can workaround the issue with task list not being updated after a task is completed with one of the following procedures:

  • Using the Optimized Delta Pull
    Use and if necessary configure the optimized delta pull. The optimized delta pull retrieves the recently changed items from the backend provider based on timestamp information. More information: Enabling Delta Pull Mechanism
  • Refreshing with Hidden iView
    Add a hidden iView on the page that raises the refreshUwlBackend event. This is the same event that is triggered when users manually choose the Refresh function. If the user returns to the task list after a task has been completed, approved, or rejected in another window, the refresh is automatically done by the iView.


This iView and the Refresh within the iView is called every time the user opens the UWL.