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Welcome to the SAP Technology Troubleshooting Guide!

This is the new and enhanced version of the SAP Technology Troubleshooting Guide, which provides step-by-step solutions to a wide range of problems that may occur in your work with some SAP products.

(warning) It's easy:

  • Choose your product from the list below
  • Identify your issue (or use the Wiki search)
  • Follow the wizard

(question) What is your problem related to?

(info) You cannot find a solution to your problem? Contact SAP Support

The Troubleshooting Guide is being gradually extended to cover more products.
Before using the Guide, please consider the following Terms of Use.

Page: .sap_refactoring Page: .sap_refactoring_1_0.xsd Page: (ABAP) Application Server ABAP Page: (ACC) Adaptive Computing Controller Page: (BOBJ) BusinessObjects Enterprise Monitoring Page: (BOBJ) BusinessObjects Platform Search Page: (BOBJ) SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Page: (BWA) Business Warehouse Accelerator Page: (ES) Embedded Search Troubleshooting Guide Page: (IDM) SAP Identity Management Page: (IOMS) SAP BusinessObjects Integration Option for Microsoft SharePoint Page: (Java) Java Development Troubleshooting Page: (LMA) J2EE Based LM Automation (CTC) Page: SAP Landscape Management Page: (PCA) ABAP Post-Copy Automation Page: (PI) SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Page: (SLD) System Landscape Directory Page: (SMAI) Alert Inbox Page: (SMCFG) Configuration (7.1 SP01 and higher) Page: (SMDTM) Solution Manager Downtime Manager (7.0 EhP1) Page: (TCA) Technical Configuration Automation Page: (TG) Troubleshooting Guide Terms of Use Page: (TREX) Main Page Page: ABAP Backend doesn't exist on the SLD Page: ABAP Dictionary and Development Workbench Tools Troubleshooting Guide Page: ABAP Runtime Environment Page: ALE - IDoc´s remain in status 64 Page: ALE - Middleware Page: ALE Troubleshooting Guide Page: BC-SRV-COM Communication Services - SAPconnect - Mail, Fax, SMS, Telephony Page: Business Process Management and Compostion Page: BW Java Web Runtime Page: Central Technical Configuration (CTC) Page: Change and Transport Management Page: Database Independent Database Interface Page: SAP HANA Cloud Integration Troubleshooting Guide Page: File Lists Page: How to analyze SYSTEM_CORE_DUMPED (core dump) Page: How to rename or delete Java development components Page: How to set Java VM parameters using consoleconfig tool Page: How Upgrade Tools detect SID, Host Name and NetWeaver Instance Number Page: Netweaver Support Packages Equivalence Page: Promotion Management also known as LifeCycle Management before Page: SAP NetWeaver Mobile Page: SAP Operational Process Intelligence Page: SAP Predictive Analysis Page: Software Maintenance Page: Testing Page: Upgrade to SAP NetWeaver 7.0x Page: Upgrade to SAP NetWeaver 7.1x Page: (JSTTSG)Images Page: (SOA) SOA Management Page: Unified Inbox Page: BPM Inbox Page: SAP API Management