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Report the following error to SAP: SLM encountered an internal exception (BusinessActionException): Failed to perform action 'LookupFilesAction' for user 'SDTQOS00': Failed look up files for user 'SDTQOS00'. The reason is: Invalid  Response code (401). Server <;iZjPTAwMQ==)/bc/bsp/spn/swdc/slm/> returned message <Unauthorized>                                                                                       
Validity: SP10 or higher                                                                             
Reason: wrong S-user in SLM configuration                                                            
visit http://<host>:<port>/slm/lup                                                                   
logon as user SDT<SID>00                                                                             
go to Configuration                                                                                  
go to tab "Credentials" and check S-user                                                             
go to tab "SDT", part "Download" and check again S-user                                              
S-user from tab "Credentials" have to be the same as S-user from tab                                 
"SDT", part "Download"

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