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The ABAP Dictionary Editor [Transaction SE11] is the primary tool used to create Data Dictionary objects.


  • Transaction SE11 is handled via BASIS Component -> BC-DWB-DIC-ED
  • If creating a Table Maintenance View via SE11, please note transactions SE54 & SM30 -> BC-CUS-TOL-TME


See the following note with regards to utilizing SE12 which is redundant: 1377985

Objects Handled

  • Tables (Transparent / Pooled / Cluster)
  • Table Structures
  • Table Appends
  • Custom Includes
  • Search Helps
  • Lock Objects
  • Data types
  • Type Groups
  • Domains & Data Elements

Important Notes

  • Generated Objects: SAP Note 670947 
  • Regenerate Enqueue Objects: SAP Note 549570
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