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 Welcome to the ABAP Dictionary and Development Workbench Troubleshooting Wiki Space. 

ABAP Dictionary objects are the repository objects that can be maintained using transaction SE11/SE14.

The ABAP Workbench is a collection of tools used to develop, test and run ABAP programs.

This Wiki Space will include information about technical information, latest news, frequently-asked questions etc. We will continue updating and maintaining this wiki space.

***If you have any questions or comments.  Please reach out to the Wiki Editor Julia Song.


WIKI Space Editor: Julia Song 

How to contribute:

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SCN Topic Space: ABAP Development

Disclaimer: Content Accuracy is assured as much as possible. Viewer discretion is advised.

ABAP Dictionary

Dictionary Object EditorCreate/update/activate dictionary objects
Database Utility

Create/update database objects

Update to Dictionary Objects

Update to dictinary objects during transport & system update
Troubleshooting on ABAP dictionary objects Consistency check and inconsistency troubleshooting on dictionary objects (Component: BC-DWB-DIC)

Frequestly-asked questions

Troubleshooting guides on frequently-asked questions


ABAP Workbench Tools



Object Navigator

Transaction SE80: ABAP object navigator around the workbench

ABAP Editor

Transaction SE38: ABAP program editor

Function Builder

Transaction SE37: used for function module maintenance 

Class Builder

Transaction SE24: Class object builder

Screen Painter

Transaction SE51: used to create/update screens for your transactions

Menu Painter

Transaction SE41: used for developing the CUA menus on your screen interfaces

Switch Framework Tools

Transaction SFW1, SFW2, SFW3, SFW5: used to create/edit/activate switches, business fuctions and business fuction sets 

Enhancement EditorTransaction SE20: used for creating/editing/deleting Enhancement implementations

BAdI Builder

Transaction SE18, SE19: Business Add-Ins definition and implementation

Data BrowserTransation SE16


Modification Adjustment Tools

Modification Adjustment

Transaction SPAU: used to adjust repository objects after system update

Enhanced Object Adjustment Transaction SPAU_ENH: used to adjust repository objects with an enhancement after system update

ABAP Test and Analysis Tools

ABAP Debugger The tool to debug source code

Runtime Analysis

Transaction SE30: used for monitoring performance, to see which calls are the most time-consuming

Performance Trace

Transaction ST05: check database access with SQL trace
Single Transaction AnalysisTransaction ST12: It groups SE30 and ST05 transactions
 Session Manager Transaction SESSION_MANAGER: Session Manager Menu Tree Display


For your reference:

Enhancements and Modifications - BADI, Enhancement Framework, User Exits, BTE



Page: ABAP Dictionary - Database Utility Page: ABAP Dictionary - Editor Page: ABAP in Eclipse Page: ABAP program to perform environment analysis Page: Alv with fieldcatalog and layout Page: Alv with sort and filter Page: Application Heirarchy Page: A Small report to open a given ABAP class via Class builder by code Page: business function activated by mistake SFW5 Page: Change Document Page: Changes to Dictionary Objects Page: Code to rebuild object list aka where-used lists Page: Data Browser Page: Data Dictionary Page: Dictionary Object Editor Page: ENH_BUILD_TREE_IN_BACKGROUND time limit exceeded Page: Extreme response time reported for SESSION MANAGER in STAD or ST03N Page: Extreme runtimes reported for SESSION MANAGER in STAD or ST03N Page: FAQ regarding where-used lists Page: FAQs Page: Graphical Screen Painter does not work Page: How to cancel an ATC check periodic job Page: How to delete multiple programs and then take the backup to retrieve Page: How to remove DEVACCESS for single user Page: How to repair Function Group Page: Indicator that NOT NULL IS forced for this field Page: Menu Painter Page: Modification Adjustment Page: Modification Adjustment using SPAU Page: Object Navigator Page: Other Tools Page: Pass internal table in message long text Page: Planned Status on reversible Business Functions Page: Repository Information System Page: Sales order report using ALV display Page: SAP Event Page: Screen Painter Page: Screens (dynpros) Page: Send Spool list of background job to SAP inbox Page: Simple ALV list for beginners Page: Sorted Unique Table with non-unique entries Page: Transaction Maintenance Page: Troubleshooting guides on frequently-asked questions Page: Troubleshooting on ABAP Dictionary Objects Page: Update to dictionary objects during transport and system update Page: View Clusters-Creation and its Benefits

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