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Welcome to the ABAP Dictionary and Development Workbench Troubleshooting Wiki Space. ABAP Dictionary objects are the repository objects that can be maintained using transaction SE11/SE14. The ABAP Workbench is a collection of tools used to develop, test and run ABAP programs.
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ABAP Dictionary
Modification Adjustment Tools
ABAP Test and Analysis Tools
Important SAP Notes
  • - Custom Code Analyzer

  • - Active objects are displayed as inactive

  • - Table logging can be activated even though table is too wide

  • - Inconsistency between database and ABAP Dictionary

  • - Upgrade: Missing SAP Notes in SPDD and SPAU

  • - Upgrade: You cannot reset obsolete SAP Notes in transaction SPAU

  • - Job EU_INIT


  • - ABAP custom code migration for SAP HANA - recommendations and Code Inspector variants for SAP HANA migration


  • - Upgrade phase MAIN_SHDRUN/ACT_UPG returns error messages: Cycle problems

  • - Recommended SAP Notes for using ATC to perform remote analysis

  • - TCI is marked as deleted object

  • - SAP HANA DB: Conversion of tables with data aging does not process cold data

  • - The SSCR license key procedure is not supported in SAP S/4 HANA



ABAP Workbench Tools
Related KBAs
  • - CDS view(DDL SQL View) cannot be activated with RUTDDLSACT

  • - DBSQL_TABLE_UNKNOWN dumps occur on DDL SQL Views after installation or upgrade

  • - CDS views (DDL SQL views) cannot be activated with unknown function name

  • - How to correct structures with inconsistent runtime objects.

  • - Field in table is specified twice error in DDIC_ACTIVATION or ACT_UPG

  • - SFW5: How-to activate Business Function

  • - Error DT201 Tables <table_name> for logging is too long (key<, data division< necessary)

  • - How to transport Business Functions from development system to next systems

  • - DB02 shows missing views in the database

  • - Runtime error CALL_FUNCTION_REMOTE_ERROR when activating OData services

  • - Dump MESSAGE_TYPE_X occurs when opening or expanding user menu

  • - DDIC Inconsistency Check [VIDEO]

  • - How to display company logo/image on SAP Easy Access Logon Screen.

  • - Checking software and application component of an object

  • - Error DDL Source BSAD_DDL could not be activated in ACT_UPG phase.

For your reference:

Enhancements and Modifications - BADI, Enhancement Framework, User Exits, BTE



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