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A Logical Port was configured to use HTTPS protocol. Executing the call fails with

  • "ICF Error when creating object - Argument not found" error
  • SRT Framework exception: Service Ping ERROR: Error when calling SOAP Runtime functions: SRT: Couldn't create Object: ("ICF Error when creating HTTP client object by Config for URL ...
  • Or a less informative ICM_HTTP_SSL_ERROR.


This error occurs, if the system is not properly configured for SSL, or the certificates haven't been assigned to the correct PSE.


First check if the SSL is setup in the system.

  1. Make sure there is an active HTTPS port in transaction SMICM >> Goto >> Services
  2. Check SAP Note 510007 and configure SAPCRYPTOLIB in the system.

The most common problems that could occur, after above settings have been done:

  • HTTPS protocol is used, but the authentication method is done with User / Password data in HTTP Header (Basic) or SOAP Header (Usernametoken). In this case the Anonym PSE must be active in transaction STRUST. Go to transaction STRUST and Create / Activate this PSE: SSL client Anonymous (Identity: ANONYM)
  • If X.509 Certificates are used for authentication, the selected PSE must be active and the certificates should be added to this PSE.
  • One typical error which could be seen in the ICM trace is: "the verification of the server's certificate chain failed". Check SAP Note 1094342 for details.
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