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  • The BDLS conversion task aborts with runtime error
  • The created BDLS conversion batch job status is “canceled”
  • The job log shows the following message: “Internal session terminated with a runtime error (see ST22)”


In transaction ST22, you see “DBIF_DSQL2_SQL_ERROR” runtime errors.
Coding from RBDLS<client number> is invalid.


Step 1

  1. Logon to the system.
  2. Call transaction SM37.
  3. To search for the created BDLS conversion job, enter the following:



    Job name

    Enter SAP_SCTC*.

    User name

    Enter the user, used to run the task.

    Job start condition

    Enter the date and time of your execution.

  4. Take note of the job, that does not have status "Finished".
  5. To get the job log overview, double-cklick on the job and choose the job log button.
  6. To see more details, call transaction STC02.

Step 2

The BDLS conversion task uses program RBDLS2LS to run conversion jobs in parallel. Program RBDLS2LS is not used directly but it is used to generate the runtime program with name RBDLS<client number>. The client number represents the client where the program runs.

Depending on the changes in the system, program RBDLS<client number> can be outdated or is no longer valid.

Find out the last update date

  1. Logon to the client where the conversion should be executed.
  2. Call transaction SE38.
  3. Enter the program name RBDLS<client number>.
  4. Select Attributes.
  5. Choose Display.

Generate the latest version of program RBDLS2LS

  1. Call transaction SE38.
  2. Enter the program name RBDLS2LS.
  3. Choose Execute.
    If the standard UI of transaction BDLS is displayed, a new version of program RBDLS<client number> was generated.

Step 3

Execute the BDLS conversion task.