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You are seeing that a master table index (S, X or Y) is one physical index although when it was created before it got split into some index parts.


Due to one big physical index, you may have a performance problem during changerun and rollup, or you receive a message from TREXAlertServer due to the big index size.


Even though the index got split when it was created afterwards you find the index is now one physical index. This is most likey caused by a report 'RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX'.
Please make sure if someone executed the report or Master Data Reorganization was performed against the related master data table in BW. How to check is explained later in this page.


  • If your BW release is BW7.0x
    -> Split the index manually or rebuild the table.


  • If your BW release is BW7.3x
    -> See SAP Note 1905257

How to split the index manually

  • Refer to SAP note 1533803 attached at the bottom of this page for further information

1. Open the (standalone) TREXAdminTool
2. Navigate to tab Index:Landscape
3. Right-click the index you would like to split
4. Choose "Split/Merge.."

5. In the popup, enter the partition specification
6. ROUNDROBIN <Number of Index Parts>


7. Confirming with "ok" will start the split process


  • For BW 7.0x
    BW cannot split an index when report 'RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX' is executed. Before Master Data Reorganization or an execution of report 'RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX' deactivate initialReorg.
  • For BW7.3x
    See SAP Note 1905257
  • How to de/activate initialReorg

From TREX Administrator (stand alone) tool go to Tree -> defaults ->  landscape_reorganizer -> initialReorg.
When you click this parameter, a dialog popups.  Change the value 1 -> 0 (deactivate) or 0 -> 1 (activate) and click 'OK' button.

  • When does an index get split?

If you deactivate the initialReorg value (set to 0) an index will be split according to the threashold.

  • To find out when the physical index has been created please check the followings.

  • 1. Check if RSDDSTATTREX table has an entry with CHANGEMODE = I

An entry with CHANGEMODE = I means, report 'RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX' was executed. CHANGEMODE=N and FILLMODE=F means the index was created while a BWA infocube was indexed.

*YES, there is an entry in RSDDSTATTREX table*

Report 'RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX' created the physical index. Check the next point below.

*NO, there is no entry with CHANGEMODE = I in RSDDSTATTREX table.* *

Does anyone merged the indexes in TREX Administrator tool? If anyone did not merge the split indexes manually and this issue is reproducible please inform SAP via a customer message for further analysis.

  • 2. Check if RSDDTREXADMIN table has an entry with OBJECT = 'SINGLE_TABLE:<TIME STAMP>'

An entry in RSDDTREXADMIN table means the report 'RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX' was executed from transaction SE38 manually.  If you do not find an entry which TIMESTAMP is close to the timestamp in RSDDSTATTREX table, the report was called during Master Data Reorganization process.

*YES, there is an entry in RSDDTREXADMIN table*

The user in RSDDSTATTREX table (Field TSTPNM) executed the report 'RSDDTREX_SINGLE_TABLE_INDEX' in SE38.  Educate the user to deactivate 'initialReorg' parammeter before the execution.
**Keep in mind that the report must be executed manually only when there is an data inconsistency

*NO, there is no entry in RSDDTREXADMIN table*

The report must have been executed during Master Data Reorganization. Currently there is no functionality in BW to decide whether to split an index based on the table size during MD reorganization. Therefore, deactivation of initialReorg is required. After the reorganization initialReorg must be activated.

  • Additional Information

SAP Note 1533803 BWA 7.00: Splitting master data indexes
SAP Note 1524320 BWA: Master data reorganization recreates one physical index
SAP Note 1161254 BIA: Master data reorganization for Y tables is not adjusted