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How to check the partitioning of an index in transaction TREXADMIN.

In Transaction TREXADMIN go to "Index Landscape" and select the InfoProviders indexes.

and display it.

In this example we see the fact index of InfoProvider FABAUTH8, and above it, it's 1st dimension index.
Both are split in three parts.

Now select the line of the logical Fact-index and press the button "Split/Merge Index".
In the popup window you see if and how the index is partitioned.

In this screen-shot we see that indeed the Fact-index of Provider FABAUTH8 (q99_bic:ffabauth8) is partitioned by its 1st dimension. "key_fabauth81" is the name if this dimension-key in the attributes of the fact index. The "3" shows that there are three parts.

If you find the field "Partition attribute" just empty, then the fact index is split, but not partitioned by any attribute. This means that records are randomly distributed over the parts (just ensuring an even load balancing).

This Fact-index is split but not partitioned by any attribute.

Please note: At the moment, this screen in TREXADMIN can only be used to display the current system state. The Splitting or Partitioning cannot be changed. For this, please use the Standalone TREXAdmin Tool.

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