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The Data Browser [Transaction SE16] in Netweaver is primarily a Development Tool and is not intended to be utilised as a general purpose table query tool for all users.


  • Transaction SE16N is handled via Application Component -> CO-OM 
  • Table View Maintenance is handled via SE54/SM30 -> BC-CUS-TOL-TME


See the following important SAP notes regarding security issues: 1481950, 1133739 & 1434284


  • Can be used however should be avoided if wanting to keep a variant for long periods of time
  • Any user can change the 'fields for selection' of an SE16 selection screen possibly rendering a saved variant as redundant
  • When a screen variant is saved in SE16, the field names are not recorded, just an index hence the above (see KBA 1603659  for reference)

Selection Reports:

  • SE16 Selection Screen reports are automatically generated.
  • They will have the Screen Number 1000
  • The report naming convention is /1BCDWB/DBxxxx - where xxxx is the table name
    • e.g. Table TSTC would have a Selection Screen report named /1BCDWB/DBTSTC
  • Users should not modify an SE16 Selection Screen as they will lose their changes if another user regenerates the screen in SE16
  • If a user has a problem with a table in SE16, one should try to regenerate the Selection Screen as a first move. Menu -> Table -> Generate Program

Performance Issues:


  • See SAP Note 546797

Trouble shooting

Field Label can't be displayed in SE16

When choosing Field label, se16 still shows field name

Saved layout variants lost after upgrade

Saved layout variants lost after upgrading to a Basis release that is higher than 7.02 or after implementing the corrections of note 1300475 in a
system with a Basis release up to and including 7.02.