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Here you will find information related to Independent Database Interface (BC-DB-DBI component), such as Notes, KBAs, troubleshooting guides and quick links.

What is the SAP ABAP Server Database interface?

  • Is the single point of database access for all SAP applications  
  • Frees application developers from the burden of dealing with database specifics  
  • Supports the major database platforms in the market  
  • Transparently optimizes database accesses by various kinds of data caching  
  • Helps application developers, supporters and administrators to analyze and optimizes the database performance through sophisticated monitoring tools
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Quick Notes and KBAs

  • 129385 - Database hints in Open SQL

  • 1309728 - SDBI_CLUSTER_CHECK: Operating instructions

  • 1694697 - SAP Business Application Accelerator powered by HANA
  • 2103827 - Profile parameters for table buffer as of SAP Kernel Release 7.40

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