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You are running BI-JAVA CTC template post upgrade  and get this exception
Exception during the import of the profile
Caused by:
  Localization failed: ResourceBundle=,
ID='xml_parsing_exception', Arguments: []  
Can't find resource for bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle,
key xml_parsing_exception


You cannot run the BI Java configuration CTC template post upgrade. You
must perform a manual configuration.

  #923359: Collective Note: Configuration Wizard - Template Installer

    After an upgrade or a system copy, you need to perform the
    corresponding configuration steps manually as described in the
    configuration documentation.

644364 2012

Please note that you cannot use the "Initual Setup" configuration
wizard after an upgrade.

In this case, the configuration steps should be executed manually
instead of using the Configuration Wizard.

Please refer to note #1362909 - Collective Note: Configuration Wizard
NW CE 7.2 and  NW 7.3.

Also, please check the following link for further details:

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