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Q: How do I find the appends to dictionary objects?

Q: Query on DDTYPES in SE11. Since when is queried in SE11 the existence of the types in the table DDTYPES?
A: For customers from 4.6A.

To 4.0C in Fb INTERN_TYPE_KIND installed, the call to DDIF_TYPEINFO_GET.
The table DDTYPES it lt versioning in B20 since 4.6A.
Query in the DDTYPES DDIF_TYPEINFO_GET since 4.6A.

Q: type groups in SE11
Since when can you type groups defined in SE11?
A: The FUGR SD31 and the table DDTYPET there since 3.0A.
For customers from 3?
Version control for type groups as of Release 4.6D implemented
F: Determination of transport properties when creating
Time of determining the transport properties when you create a Dictionary object.
• up to 4.5 * inclusive
Enwticklungsklasse the query and the transfer order for going into care (before sending the screen)
• from 4.6A
Query development class (package) and the transfer order when you save the object - so is the package and the transport properties at the beginning fixed yet.